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Toshiba amps up marketing of HDTV, HD DVD in Australia

Darren Murph

The marketing campaigns that numerous companies are now embarking on will have an additional member, as Toshiba is reportedly buckling down and getting the message out about its HDTVs and HD DVD players, particularly Down Under. Reportedly, the company is aiming to sneak into the "top five of the flat-panel TV market," and it also began to increase its promotion efforts of HD DVD in Australia. Regardless of the recent Blu-ray "victories," Tosh apparently still feels confident that HD DVD will survive, and noted that it would "increase the number of HD DVD players from one to three models by Christmas" in select local markets, all while while hoping to ship bundles of HD DVD-equipped Qosimo laptops. Granted, Mark Whittard -- general manager of Toshiba's Information Systems Division -- wasn't oblivious to the market trends going on around him, and duly noted that Toshiba "had its work cut out" to achieve such numbers.

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