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Medievil pulled from EU PSN; Spyro 2 on shaky ground

Jem Alexander

Sony have confirmed to that the PS1 title Medievil has been removed from the European PSN store. It seems the game has a bug which comes into effect in level 3, crashing the game. Until Sony have fixed the problem, Medievil will not be available to purchase from the online store. Anyone who has already bought the game, however, will be able to download the fixed version free of charge.

Spyro 2 looks like it may well be receiving the same treatment as it suffers from sound issues, during the cutscenes. While this isn't a game-stopper, it is an inconvenience and for first-time players might spoil the experience somewhat. There is no word yet when Medievil will be put back on, but Sony has promised to make a statement "in due course."

Crash Bandicoot 2, which was released alongside Medievil and Spyro 2 last Thursday, appears to be trouble free. For now. Typical, really, as it's the only one we didn't buy.

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