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Motorola's i335, ic602 for iDEN

Chris Ziegler

Dare we say that there's never been a better time to be an iDEN customer? Yeah, by all accounts it seems that Sprint would eventually like to phase out its Nextel network, but Motorola's busting out a slew of devices as of late that almost actually look like they're from the year 2007. Imagine that! Gearlog happened across these two gems at a recent Motorola event, the i335 -- pictured left -- and the CDMA / iDEN hybrid ic602 on the right. The i335 looks to be a close cousin of the recently announced i290, positioned as an entry-level handset with availability expected before the year's out. As the name implies, the ic620 slots in somewhere below the ic902 in the hybrid lineup, featuring a camera -- either VGA or 2 megapixel, depending on who you believe -- and should drop in the fall months.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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