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Crytek CEO: Crysis could 'theoretically' be on 360 and PS3


In a world where games often find themselves running on platforms they weren't really meant for -- Doom on your iPod, Viva Piñata on your Xbox 360 -- it doesn't come as a terrible surprise when Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli declares, "Theoretically, anything could run anywhere." Speaking to the UK's PC Gamer Magazine (via CVG), Yerli asserted that his company's graphically splendorous PC shooter could eventually find its way to high-end consoles. "Crysis could be on the 360 or PS3," he said. "It requires optimisation, that's what we've always communicated."

However, technical feasibility doesn't guarantee a thing and confirmation of console ports remains elusive as ever. "What you would not do is make Crysis on PS3, 360 and PC for a single shipping date, because we would lose the quality focus," Yerli noted. "So I say, 'First PC version, then we'll see what happens.'" If Epic's Mark Rein is to be believed, what happens is that Crytek considers downscaled console versions of Crysis in order to capitalize on a market outside of cutting-edge PCs.

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