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id says new game's genre won't be a shock

Justin McElroy

Though you might have had some fun imagining what an id-made cart racer would be like when you saw the dune buggies and zeppelins of their WWDC demo of id Tech 5, the company is trying to pull fans back to earth a bit in a new interview with Shacknews. "We're always looking to broaden the gameplay, but people aren't going to be shocked. You shouldn't expect an RTS or a fighting game or something, [laughs]" said id director of business development Steve Nix. "People are going to like what they see, but it's not going to be shocking."

God, and we were so close to pre-ordering Flaming Disembodied Head Hero. Well, at least QuakeCon starts this week. Hopefully we'll have some answers soon. (Psst -- We'd put our money on first person shooter. Don't tell anyone.)

[Via CVG]

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