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Liveblogging the iPhone 1.0.1 update


The new iPhone 1.0.1 update just hit iTunes. TUAW is here to keep you informed about what that update means to you--as a normal user and/or as a hacker. Here's the dish we've learned about, what we're speculating about and what we know for a fact.

What's going on? Apple has just released the iPhone 1.0.1 update via iTunes.

What does this update do? It looks like Safari is the target of most of the updates, probably patching security holes. Apple's official update details are here.

Are there any obvious differences between v.1.0 and v.1.1? Apparently not. Other than the people failing to steal your passwords and stuff like that. TUAW Reader Robert Boyle comments: "Option to BCC yourself, mail is much faster. Messages load instantly. Yahoo push mail is swift."

What if I modded my iPhone? The update apparently wipes out the entire mod. Apple is not being kind or forgiving to the iPhone modders.

I didn't do anything illicit or snazzy? What about me? Looks like if you haven't modded your phone you'll be in fine shape. Pictures and most other synced data are untouched according to reports but you may lose your SMS messages when you do a full restore.

Can I still Jailbreak to open the file system and access everything? Reports are rolling in that yes, jailbreak will work under certain circumstances albeit with some limitations. Details to follow.

Details? Things are still a bit fuzzy, but it seems to involve putting the new dmg files in phonedmg just like you did the first time 'round with 1.0.

How do I decrypt the new iPhone 1.0.1 firmware image? Funny you should ask. Details right here on Nate True's fabulous site.

How can I get my decrypt key? Look here for some additional help.

Same password or different on the update dmgs? Looks like...different

Where's the firmware? Link right here. Or look in ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates on your computer.

Do you have some basic steps? Yes: Update with 1.0.1, unpack into phonedmg (according to previous jailbreak instructions), run jailbreak. Unpack the 1.0 restore image to phonedmg, rejailbreak, and (according to CmputrAce and Harro), iphoneinterface will start working again.

So, Sadun, you going to try this out? Well...okay. Here goes nothing. I just clicked update. It says it's just going to do "bug fixes". Hah! Here we go. Clicking next...Clicking Agree...woooo. Here we go. Oh great. A couple of minutes in and I've trashed iTunes. It's now prompting me to restore and update. iTunes is downloading the software. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Now it's "Preparing iPhone for restore." I hope iTunes at least buys dinner for the poor iPhone first.

So how's that whole "restore" thing going? Slowly. Verifying now. Soon, my iPhone will be as innocent as a baby. All done and dusted. She's syncing now.

What's that concern about "update"? After you enabled ssh on your iPhone, you probably want to have restored the original "update". Just saying.

What about iFuntastic? Updated to version 2.1.0. BREAKING! In fact, broken open. Just used it to jailbreak my restored iPhone. Still doesn't connect to iphoneinterface so it looks like I'm going to have to do a little massaging.

I really want to know exactly what changed. Do you know where I can find an exact file-by-file size compare? Why, yes!

Thanks to HaRRo, D-Side, Mel^101, NerveGas, nricciar, Cody, Shak, iPhonedHome, pen-x, CmputrAce, ShiveR, Bricolage, motaphone, kroo, elora, anon, lednerk, darkten, Robert Boyle, ob1, and NateTrue

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