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Today in Joystiq: July 31, 2007

Ross Miller

Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man (formerly Ms. Pac-Man) now in holy matrimony (picture thanks to Pink Chiefette). It's adorable, but we'd love to see a wedding cake showing similar nerd love -- maybe with a trail of dots from one Pac-Man to another. Check out the highlights for today:

Comic-Con + Video Games = geekery extremis
Readers pick best webcomic: The Tournemon, Part One
The '300' Xbox 360 Elite, win it with Engadget
Today's hungriest video: Aqua Teens

id says new game's genre won't be a shock
Dear diary: Lionhead video diary talks one-button combat
Metal Gear Online to be focused on team play
New Penny Arcade Adventures trailer available for your inspection
Massive damage dealt to PS3, lawsuit demands
Miyamoto hints at new Nintendo franchise in 2008
Konami's first quarter profits up 82%
Circuit City flyer shows Xbox 360 price drop on all systems
Marathon and Halo -- Closer than ever before thanks to the gamepad
It's Official: Halo 3 has four player, online co-op [Update - Details!]
80GB PS3 goes on sale on EB Games' site
Metal Gear Solid 4 follow-up with Konami's Ryan Payton
Blast Factor: Advanced Research on the way
Castle Crashers still looks beautiful
Going solo in the world of Skate
The full details on Halo 3's online co-op
Germans rate 'WoW: Wrath of the Lich King'
Crytek CEO: Crysis could 'theoretically' be on 360 and PS3
GameDaily: Nintendo's George Harrison announces retirement

Rumors & Speculation
Codemasters overrules Overlord PS3 rumor

Culture & Community
Man surrenders back for Mushroom Kingdom tattoo
Prepare for Halo 3 with five new Red vs Blue episodes
Give your broken NES a second life
Rock Band slays 2007 Game Critics Awards

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