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We won! X3F takes first place in WCA tournament

Dustin Burg

We did it guys! I helped lead Xbox 360 Fanboy to a first place win in the online Wing Commander Community Tournament! And, as a result, every X3F reader will benefit with not only bought and paid for bragging rights, but with some sweet prizes too. Soon, EA will be sending us the grand prize goodies which, in turn, will be given away here on the site. So, in the near future, we'll be giving away the grand prize goods which include a 50" 1080p TV, Bose surround sound system, Xbox 360 Elite, Microsoft points and more. Guys, we took first place in the WCA tournament!

And for those of you who are interested, we posted a recap of how things went down and how the grand prize was won after the break. Let's just say the A-17 Broadsword Behemoth didn't let us down! Again, thanks for the support X3F readers, you really helped me with my WCA practice sessions and aided in creating my "strategy". Remember, giveaways will be coming soon.

Okay, so this my quick rundown of how this whole Wing Commander Arena tournament went down, from start to finish. So, let's get to it.

The first game of the first round kicked off around 11:05PM with all sixteen'ish (I think was missing) competitors going at it. My only strategy I had going into the game was to stick with the slow, but extremely powerful A-17 Broadsword Behemoth for the entire tournament and wasn't going to stray away from the plan. Anyway, I soon found my Behemoth strategy to be paying off as I earned first place in the first game of round one. The second round was very similar and even though I had some trouble defending my rear (seriously, that Behemoth cannot turn for crap!) I came away victorious in the second game of round one. So, after tallying up the total frags from both games, X3F breezed into the second round earning first place.

Now, with eight competitors left, I figured the two games in the the second round would get a little more difficult and boy was I right. Godfree and the other seven competitors decided to upgrade to bigger fighters, which made killing them and staying alive quite the challenge. But, to my surprise, I ended up taking first place in the first game of round two. Sweetness! Game two of round two started and I was feeling confident that I would make it to the next round if I could only finish in the top three. Remember, to determine who goes onto the next round they were adding together the frag count from both games. Anyway, I was having some trouble early on, but the Behemoth's tractor beam helped me a lot and I squeaked by with a second place finish. So, this of course means I'm headed into the final four and am guaranteed an Xbox 360 Elite and Microsoft points as prizes! I came, I saw, I won some prizes ... or so I thought.

We then took what was supposed to be a ten minute break, but after around twenty minutes of nothing I started to get a little worried. I soon found out that there was a mix up with who played in the second game of the second round and so we'd have to replay that game. Yup, that means I would have to try to place in the top again, because our guaranteed prizes were no longer guaranteed. With determination in my eyes I ended up doing fine in our second game redo and placed second, which officially guarantees some giveaway prizes for X3F. I was relieved ... we won some goodies!

Now, it's getting good and it's time for the final four. It was me representing X3F, Destructoid, WCNews and PlanetXbox360 all going head to head in an old fashioned spaceship fighter brawl. We all agreed (due to it getting really, really late) that we'd play one game for the final four and the top two fraggers would advance to the finals. So, relying on my trusty Behemoth, I jumped into the fight with trigger fingers a blazing. This game was a roller coaster, everyone was doing great and my fingers were cramping up. And after the final four dust settled, I was shocked to come away with a second place finish and the right to head into the grand prize finals.

We made it, it's finals time with X3F going one on one with PlanetXbox360. We both were sporting the Behemoth for some hot Behemoth on Behemoth action with the EA crew spectating and Godfree flying around doing a live feed for GTR. And before we started, we all agreed that since both of our ships were turtle slow and that it was getting so late, that both Godfree and the EA crew were fair frag game. So, we started the final match with the goal of getting 25 frags to earn the title of WCA community champion. The beginning of the game was extremely close and stayed within' two frags of each other as we clawed our way to the 25 frag goal. But I soon caught a few lucky breaks, got a few EA kills and ended up overtaking PlanetXbox360 with a final score of 25 to 18 frags. X3F wins the grand prize and the title of WCA community champion! We all said our congratulations, yawned a little bit and stretched as the lights on the Xbox Live tournament dimmed. X3F is the WCA community champion ... good night everyone!

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