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360 gets 65nm chips soon, 45nm in 2009

Dustin Burg

PC Advisor is reporting that the new 65nm chips will be making their way into Xbox 360s soon with even smaller 45nm chips being used in late 2008 or early 2009. Chartered Semiconductor, Microsoft's Xbox 360 chip maker, stated that the design for the 45nm chips have yet to be finalized saying that "65nm just started production in the last two quarters, you would expect 45nm to come on stream about 18 months from that timeframe". So, we get confirmation of our cooler, more efficient 65nm chips making there way into 360s sometime this year with 45nm technology rolling out in a year or so. So we ask; Microsoft, where is the consumer's price cut? Oh wait ... there it is.

[Thanks, Iliad Force]

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