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Arkanoid DS to include attachable knob controller

Kyle Orland

It's not like we really need another version of Arkanoid. The classic Breakout clone has already shown up on over a dozen classic computer systems, as well as the NES and SNES. But the new version recently revealed for the Nintendo DS has an important leg up over the competition -- a special controller that mimics the original arcade game's rotating knob.

The first portable version of the game (not counting unofficial homebrews), Arkanoid DS will include an attachable knob controller that plugs into the DS' Game Boy Advance slot, according to a 1up translation of a Famitsu story. The game will also have 140 stages and a quest mode focused on completing specific tasks, according to the story.

The game is slated for a December release in Japan, and while a North American release hasn't yet been announced, the bevy of arcade classics already on the system makes it seem likely.

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