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BioWare details Mass Effect villain


In the most recent Mass Effect blog update on IGN, BioWare takes a little time to describe the creation of the game's main villain, Saren. It seems the masses would like to know who Saren is and why he's so deliciously evil. First of all, those truly curious should probably check out the official novel, Mass Effect: Revelation. As for the rest of you, read on. It turns out that Saren is a Spectre -- an elite military unit that can basically do whatever the hell he wants to quell galactic threats -- just like the main character, Commander Shepard. He even spent time with Shepard's mentor, Captain Anderson. As the game wears on, you learn more about Saren and what his motivations are and, as is the case with any good villain, you may actually be able to empathize with him. BioWare assures us, however, that you'll still want to kill him. The blog goes on to detail the creation of Saren's look, which actually began with the creation of the Turian race itself in Mass Effect. It's a good read and definitely worth checking out for Mass Effect fans.

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