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Chibi-Robo sequel delayed, possibly canceled for U.S.

Kyle Orland

Fans of the super-cute Gamecube adventure Chibi-Robo (both of you) have been waiting with bated breath for the DS sequel, Park Patrol, ever since it was first shown at E3 2006. But there's been a bit of confusion over when the game, which came out in Japan earlier this month, will actually be reaching our shores.

As SiliconEra reports, the release date on the game's page has been moved from Sept. 24 to Oct. 2. A one week delay isn't a big deal, but reports that pre-orders for the game are being canceled at Gamestop are more worrying. The game doesn't show up on searches on Gamestop's web site (unlike other October releases) and GameFly's listing of a TBD release date is similarly troubling. The official word from Nintendo's PR agency is that the game is still on track, so maybe we're just worrying over nothing. Either way, we'll keep you posted when we hear more.

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