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Today in Joystiq: August 1, 2007

Ross Miller

Long exposure shots, taken by Flickr user n0wak (gallery), give an artistic look to Pac-Man: CE. Check out the highlights for today:

B[ack]log: Elite Beat Addict
Joystiq interviews Loco Roco's Tsutomu Kouno
PS3 Fanboy interviews Everyday Shooter's Jon Mak
Today's wildest video: Wolf Quest

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix's long title and new modes on display
Fire Emblem's Ike playable in Smash Bros. Brawl
Microsoft: UK shouldn't expect price cut
New cars (some free) hit Forza 2
PS3 to have DVR capabilities in 2008
Best Buy Xbox bundle for $399 and HD DVD for $150
Get Dirt on your PS3 this September
65nm 360 chips in production 'last two quarters' - 45nm on the way
Mod restrictions holding back UT3 360
Rockstar appealing British Manhunt 2 ban
African women's blog upset over Resident Evil 5
Wiicast goes Nintendo hunting at Classic Gaming Expo
Heavenly Sword's origin is on first Xbox
NY Post sues Uwe Boll for infringement
Video opens the Halo 3 Legendary Edition nice and slow
Super Dodge Ball coming to DS with eight-person multiplayer
Hollywood experiments with Painkiller
Arkanoid DS to include attachable knob controller
Take-Two ex-CEO sentenced to 5 years (of probation)
Super Paper Mario glides into Europe Sept. 14
Islamic phrase removed from Zack & Wiki
Wii version of Victorious Boxers coming to U.S.
Lair not done, delayed until September 4

Culture & Community
The Onion: Sousaphone Hero not catching on
Australian developers still want their tax break
Metroid retrospective: Part 2 - Super Metroid and Fusion

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