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BlizzCon goodie bag inventory!


BlizzCon hasn't started yet, but we can get back back to you on this important information: the exact contents of the goodie bag.
  • Heroes of Azeroth starter deck ("Do Not Open! Bring to the WoW TCG area for a FREE entry into a Beginners' Starter Tournament.")
  • XL World of Warcraft t-shirt (a random
  • a monitor hat featuring artwork from all of the Blizzard franchises (it sticks to the top of your monitor)
  • an advertisement for a Killer NIC network card
  • World of Warcraft sneak peak comic book from Wildstorm Presspins for Blizzard, Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo
  • coasters featuring Diablo, Starcraft, a Draenei &Blood Elf, and a Murloc
  • a little bottle of hand sanatizer in a Blizzard clip (it could go right on your lanyard!)
  • a J!NX logo temporary tattoo
  • an advertisement for the AT&T Blue Room
  • a $5 coupon for J!NX t-shirts
  • an advertisement for the Logitech G-series keyboard and mouse
  • an advertisement for Zboard
  • a Starcraft Colossus magnet
  • an advertisement for jobs at Blizzard
  • a $50 Nvidia coupon
  • a $40 coupon for Creative
  • an advertisement for
  • a ticket for a BlizzCon program and map
  • a character sheet magnet (with a pop-out center, so you can pull it out and put their own photos in the middle
  • a Blizzard lanyard
  • a bookmark that presents us with a quest to happen on the convention room floor
  • an Alliance souvineer coin
  • an epic armor pack for the board game
  • a card giving the code for the beta
  • an orc pin
And yes, for those who simply must have their own BlizzCon loot, they're already on eBay.

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