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Halo 3 Dew "Game Fuel" available August 13th

Dustin Burg

Certain video game websites (see: not us) have been receiving samples of the Halo 3 branded Mountain Dew called Game Fuel (which we've known about for a while now) and confirming that the drink will be available for only ten weeks starting August 13th. The IGN guys were lucky enough to receive their two can sample and after giving the Halo 3 Dew a few good gargles they think the orange colored, cherry-citrus flavored soda taste like cough syrup and Dew ... but that's them. We know we'll love it, because A) we're fanboys and B) because we're fanboys that will drink any Master Chief branded soda, even if there's a chance that it'll make us break out in hives or cause our ears to fall off.

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