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Hidden TiVo-Sony connection draws no comment

Nick Doerr

Ever since we got wind of the digital TV tuner rumor populated by New Zealand's PS3 head marketer, we've been thinking that it was quite possible to turn our PS3's into DVRs. Possible, but according to Sony's own Dave Karraker, not likely. Sony and TiVo signed an agreement way back in 2001, to end in October 2008, that would allow Sony products to sport TiVo software. The agreement hasn't been used all that much, except for the failed PSX.

Karraker responded to the recent rumors and suppositions that the new digital TV tuner may in fact use TiVO software, saying that "We [SCEA] have no announcement regarding DVR capabilities for the PS3 in North America at this time." TiVo also replied with a "no comment." So will we see DVR capabilities at all? Probably. Will they use TiVo software? Maybe. We'll keep our eyes open and our ears tuned for any further developments.

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