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id Software dubs new game 'Rage'


Unveiled in June at Apple's WWDC conference, id Software's new IP has been finally given a proper identity at QuakeCon 2007 -- and it's not Return to Quoom 3D. Shacknews reports that Rage, the first game to be built upon the id Tech 5 graphics engine, will feature a strong driving element through expansive outdoor environments, in addition to the frenzied firing of unnecessarily large weapons that gamers have come to expect from the developer. Speaking at a QuakeCon keynote, id co-founder and programmer John Carmack noted, "Everybody knows we're going to do a good job with the run and gun action stuff...but we are branching out."

Carmack did not specify which platforms he'd be unleashing the Rage upon, but explained that the game and its obscenely large textures would be shipping on two DVD discs (day and night cycles confirmed!) and one Blu-ray disc. We reckon that implies the same platforms id targeted for their new engine at the WWDC conference, namely PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac. We'll be sure to let you know once platforms have been officially designated.

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