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Play Pink Godzilla Dev Kit at PAX, win fabulous prizes


Itching to play Pink Godzilla Dev Kit? Going to the Penny Arcade Expo? If so, you're in luck. Pink Godzilla Games recently informed Joystiq that they will be in strong showing at PAX 2007 in Seattle. In addition to offering copies of PG Dev Kit for sale, Pink Godzilla will be hosting a tournament for the game, with prizes for the top three competitors, and a very special super-secret prize for first place.

According to Pink Godzilla co-owner Greg Hess, the tournament will be held in rounds of three-player, single-elimination games. Space will be limited, so Hess recommends signing up at the start of PAX. Sign-ups will be located at the free-play tables for PG Dev Kit. The winner will receive $200 spending money, and a very special prize that Pink Godzilla doesn't want to announce quite yet. Suffice it to say, it's pretty darn cool. Any rampant speculation?

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