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Today in Joystiq: August 3, 2007

Ross Miller

We didn't get the much-desired new Commander Keen title, but Quakecon is full of announcements in its own right -- as is, without a doubt, BlizzCon. (Image care of darthservo.) Check out the highlights for today:

BlizzCon: Liveblogging the Opening Ceremony
BlizzCon 2007 sets foot outside Azeroth, and Joystiq is there
BlizzCon: What we know about the new Death Knight class

Rumor: id to go with Steam
id Software library gets Steamed
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars coming Sept 28 to Europe, Oct 2 to North America
id Software dubs new game 'Rage'
id announces Quake Arena for Xbox Live Arcade
Quake Zero announced: Free browser-based Quake 3

Joystiq interviews id Software's Todd Hollenshead
Joystiq interviews Unreal Tournament 3's Mark Rein
Joystiq Podcast 011 - Delayed edition
Today's movie tie-in video: Balls of Fury

Super Smash Bros Brawl to feature fully fleshed out single player experience
Call of Duty 4 beta may still extend beyond U.S.
Konami and 2K announce MLB Power Pros for Wii, PS2
Star Trek: Conquest beaming onto Wii and PS2 this holiday
skate: demo on XBLM Aug. 15, in stores in September
Watch Left 4 Dead 4 6 minutes
EA to remove online servers for 49 games
Picture proof: 'Wrath of the Lich King' is new WoW expansion
Achtung! 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' flick incoming
Dynasty Warriors 6 also invading Xbox 360
World of Warcraft: The Wrath of the Lich King trailer & first screens
Naughty Dog director lured to Ready At Dawn by new IP
Heavenly Sword dated Sept 12
New Starcraft II screens make us go, 'What's that?'
Keyboard and mouse support for UT3 PS3
Skate takes on the X Games with two new trailers
Wii strap now with locking clip

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Underworld director to helm Gears of War movie
PlayStation 3 responsible for GTA IV delay, surmises Pachter

Culture & Community
Young Paul Rudd really loved his SNES
Play Pink Godzilla Dev Kit at PAX, win fabulous prizes
Harmonix CEO talks about E3 award

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