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Video: First new Red vs Blue episode

Dustin Burg

Everyone was quite happy and relieved to know that Red vs Blue was coming back for a five new episode series focusing on marketing the crap out of Halo 3, but we ended up a little confused. Confused because Microsoft said that the episodes would only be available at select retailers, which got us a thinking we'd have to pay for the new vids. But, alas, we found out what only available at retail really means. With the release of the first episode we found out that websites like Gamestop will be showcasing the new episodes weekly on their sites and for free. Which is all fine and dandy, but why would we want you to leave the comforts of X3F to go watch a brand new RvB episode over at someone else's website? So, we embedded the video above. Enjoy the RvB Halo 3 banter, comic mischief and super powerful Needler in the first of five new RvB episodes.

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