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Want Ninja Gaiden Sigma expansions? Get your wallet ready

Jem Alexander

Tecmo have recently announced a number of expansions for Ninja Gaiden Sigma being released before the end of the year. In Japan, at least. The first expansion, available in Japan at the end of the month, will include a survival mode in which you must fight back a tidal wave of enemies with limited health. The second expansion will be available in September and will include a new time attack mode. Finally (for now) Rachel will get to play out the survival mode when the third expansion is released in October. There is currently no word on when they will be available in America or Europe.

But these expansions won't be free. It may be the case that you'll have to part with a number of shiny cents (and, potentially, even several dollars) if you want these extra nuggets of gameplay. The first expansion will cost the Japanese 315 yen (about $3), but since when did these prices translate directly over from region to region? Is this something you're likely to hand over money for?

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