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Crate ships USB-equipped Profiler 5 mini guitar amplifier

Darren Murph

While a USB keyboard may do the ivory-ticklers in the crowd some good, Crate is looking out for the six-string warriors by shipping its USB-equipped Profiler 5 mini amplifier. This five-watt combo guitar amp measures in at less than eight-inches tall and weighs just six-pounds, and aside from giving users the option of powering it via an AC adapter or six AA cells, there's also an auxiliary input for rocking along with your DAP. More important, however, is the rear-mounted USB port (shown after the jump), which enables guitarists to easily record their shredding without any external breakout boxes. So if you think you can give the twin four-inch speakers in Crate's latest all they can handle, the Profiler 5 is available now for $159.99.

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