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One Boss Leaves: Kel'thuzad vs. Nefarian wrap-up


It looks like Kel'thuzad was the big winner in last week's battle. But the comments on the fight were half and half, with nearly an equal number supporting Nefarian as Kel'thuzad. Comments suggested Nefarian's shadowflame could win the day (especially since no one thinks Kel'thuzad has an Onyxia Scale Cloak). And a great deal of discussion has been given to this fights' adds -- while the usual rule for these fights is "no adds," we considered summoned adds for the case of both Kel'thuzad and Nefarian. Some posters noted that the fight would be clear in Nefarian's favor if none of these were considered. However, for now, Kel'thuzad is moving on and Nefarian is eliminated. Here are our final results:

Also, Take a look at our brackets to see how things are shaping up!

Let us know in the comments what you think about considering adds in boss fights, whether you think this turnout was fair, and any concerns you have about future fights. Otherwise, check back later tonight to see our next battle!

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