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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup goes Beyond the Sword

Ross Miller

Here at Joystiq, we pride ourselves on being like that father who always made his kids compete for his affection. Except these aren't our kids, so it's even crueler. Firaxis joined forces with a handful of webcomics to create strips based on Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword. So it's with an evil but loving grin that we throw all the participating webcomics we could find (if we missed one, let us know and we'll throw our hands in the air say "oops!") and have our beloved readers vote on who did the best job with the source material.

Fashion Faux Pas
Technological gaps
Deal or no Deal (also: there can only be one)
"We've got pointy sticks."
Self-referential three-parter (Zero, One, Two)
Starving, indeed

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