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Pioneer Elite BDP-94HD Blu-ray player gets reviewed

Darren Murph

Got a cool grand set aside for a Blu-ray player? Even if not, it's hard to ignore Pioneer's svelte BDP-94HD, and while it was found to lack HDMI 1.3, the folks at Home Theater Blog were able to give it some time and decide if it was worth the coin. Beyond "exhibiting some anomalies with certain tests on both the SD and HD HQV test discs," the player was said to "perform just fine in real-world applications," and while the upconverting technology worked as advertised, it was the Blu-ray performance that truly shined. Among the praises were a "more natural color palette," a unique home media server, the ability to enable viewers to simply "get lost" in the film, and eventually, they couldn't help but state that it was "the best looking Blu-ray playback device" it has had the pleasure of witnessing thus far. Granted, it was a tad sluggish when dealing with BD-J material, and as with most machines, a few small quirks were inevitably found, but if you've been holding out for something that undoubtedly puts the competition to shame, you owe it to yourself to hit the read link and give it a read.

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