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Podcast Rodeo for August 5: Tip of the Ear

Justin McElroy

Wow, did I ever miss you guys last week. Long story short, I was killed, tragically. I came back, eventually, suffice it to say: A crow was involved. I've gotta go get some vengeance later, but first I've got some delicious podcasts for you to put inside your head.

Joystiq Podcast: Oh Em Gee. There have been few podcast that have resonated with an entire country, heck, an entire generation, the way that Joystiq Podcast 011 has. Download with abandon! ... OK, you got me. I've started producing the podcast and I need your feedback! And downloads! And souls!

The Hotspot: This may seem like the usual from GameSpot's podcast, but fans of the show will most certainly notice the absence of one Rich Gallup, longtime host of the show who has left for the East Coast. Am I upset about the loss? Of course. But I was also the guy that was depressed for a week when they changed the mom on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. We fear change.

Full Moon Show: The Insomniac Games crew is talking shop with Factor 5's Julian Eggebrecht, mainly focused on all things Lair. All you have to do to be a part of this meeting of minds is to listen. On a somewhat related note, FMS, can we please have your announcer?

CAG Cast: If you were to hear Cheapy D extolling the virtues of the Railfan series as he does on this newest episode, your inclination would be to make fun of him. If you saw him doing it in person though, you almost certainly would not have that inclination, for he is much taller than you, and you would probably be afraid for your safety. Plus, he ends up not even liking the newest iteration, so your risk would be for naught.

Game Theory: On this episode, Gary Whitta discusses his experiences at Comic-Con, and the hosts wonder if an increased video game presence there means that the industry is trying to ingratiate itself more with the mainstream. It's interesting stuff, and well worth your time.

And...we're clear. As always, your suggestions on new casts are welcome.

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