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Sharp's Sidekick "Shuriken" hooks up with FCC

Chris Ziegler

We're still not sure whether this is the legit Sidekick 4 -- you know, the true successor to the Sidekick 3, as opposed to some tangential compromise like the Sidekick iD -- but we're definitely encouraged by Sharp's internal designation for this sucker. It's been assigned the model number "PV250" to be exact, which would put it above the Sidekick 3's PV200 (and well above the iD's PV150), suggesting that the Shuriken is likely the next-gen Sidekick we should all be getting excited about, not the Slide from Motorola. Then again, it seems like there isn't much new here; it should get a healthy 3-inch widescreen display, which is nice and all, but 3G data is still nowhere to be found. Guess you need a functioning 3G network to offer 3G devices, eh, T-Mobile?

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