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Vizio modifies shipping rules in warranty

Darren Murph

Vizio may be known for its ultra-low cost LCD TVs and plasmas, but it's not surprising to find that the firm's warranty terms are less than attractive. Interestingly, a recent article has found that Vizio has actually tweaked its warranty so that shipping a faulty set back to the company becomes Vizio's responsibility rather than the users if the display in question is 42-inches or larger. Of course, this process isn't necessary if Vizio can repair the television on-site, but for units less than 42-inches, shipping it back for "a replacement" could cost the customer "hundreds of dollars." Granted, it's not shocking that mailing a heavy, unwieldy object is pricey, but you may want to think twice about snagging that under-42-inch Vizio if you've got a paranoid bone in your body. Check out the read link for the full details of the change.

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