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BlizzCon 2007 World of Warcraft info dump


WoW Insider covered BlizzCon 2007 for the World of Warcraft junkies like Nutella covers our toast: rich, thick and with a constant need for more. They've now put up their info dump of everything new they've learned about WoW at the convention. All hard facts, no speculation. They even put it in alphabetical order for quick reference enjoyment so WoW players can go back to getting that eighth alt to lvl 70.

If there is anything WoW Insider missed on their list, just let them know in their comments thread. Unlike The Burning Crusade, Northrend and the Wrath of the Lich King represents a continuation of the plot line from Warcraft III, something that many fans of the RTS series, who also play WoW, have been begging for. With any luck we'll get a release date soon, as things stand right now the time line could be very similar to The Burning Crusade and Blizzard may actually keep its every year expansion word -- give or take a few months.

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