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Dropcast: The first made-in-Singapore game for the DS

Eric Caoili

When we last heard from Mikoishi Studio (Phoenix Wright cell phone port), the Singapore-based developer was putting together an unnamed MMO for the DS. We're not sure if those ambitious plans have since been abandoned, but the company has just announced that another of its DS titles will be shipping to Japan by year's end, eventually making its way to North America and Europe early 2008.

Dropcast, a puzzler with a cartoonish/gothic theme from the looks of its artwork so far, will support four-player local competitions with a single card, as well as four-player matches online. Gamers will have three multiplayer battle modes and four single-player modes to choose from. So far, Mikoishi hasn't revealed much about Dropcast's actual mechanics, save two details:
  1. "In the solo mode, Dropcast players have to race to remove squares and shapes before they fill the screen."
  2. "In multiplayer mode, a player taps two or more squares of the same color to 'send' them to flood the screen of his opponent."
Truth be told, we always find ourselves enamored with these quirky titles put together by smaller studios, more so than with most other big-budget releases. Some days, when we're stuck reporting on ridiculously pointless items like Pokemon headphones, these games are the only things keeping us from ending it all.

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