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Pirate gets two years in the slammer

Ross Miller

Yar! Pillaging and plundering doesn't always pay, as a Mount Vernon, Illinois man who was convicted of selling pirated console games has been sentenced to two years of prison, three years of supervised release and a $1,200 fine.

According to GameDailyBIZ, the pirate was paid "in excess of $266,000 from 2001 until the Fall of 2006." Assuming those were pure profit and he wasn't made to return the funds (and those are some pretty big assumptions), that amounts to approximately $33,000 each year between 2001 and the end of his jail sentence, which we're estimating end of 2009.

Not a bad bag of booty, but it's certainly not going to afford a lavish lifestyle of swimming naked in a baby pool of gold coins while paid employees fan you with fans made of the Curse of Monkey Island instruction manual.

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