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Puzzle Fighter to be rebalanced for XBLA


It's no secret that we here at X3F are very excited to get our hands on Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. It's a genuine classic and a welcome title on Xbox Live Arcade (as well as the PSN). While we were looking forward to the classic gameplay, it seems that the folks at Capcom came to realize that the game could actually use a few tweaks. These changes are detailed by Sirlin, one of the game's designers. Fans of the original release will know that certain characters (Ken) are much better than other characters (Chun-Li). This is because of drop patterns. Each character in Puzzle Fighter drops a predetermined pattern of blocks on their opponents when attacking. Knowing your opponents drop pattern is crucial if you want to build the appropriate counter measures.

Some characters, to put it simply, have easy drop patterns that leave them wide open to counter attack, particularly characters that drop whole power gems like Felicia and Chun-Li. As such, Capcom has decided to tamper with gaming history to come up with some more challenging patterns. An example of these changes is shown at the top right of this post. There are some other interesting changes too, such as leaving Chun-Li's pattern unchanged but allowing her to cause 120% damage. She is the strongest woman in the world after all. Frankly, we think these changes were a great idea, and we imagine most Puzzle Fighter fans will agree. Oh, and don't worry, Dan's pattern is still completely red, so, if you've got what it takes, you can still school people with the worst character in the game. See the complete list of changes, as well as the reasoning behind them, after the jump.

[Via GSW]

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