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BBC not revealing 'major move' into games [update]


[Update: The BBC denies the report. "The presentation will not reveal a major move into the games industry and is in fact just reflective of the way in which various sectors of the entertainment industry are now converging and can learn from each others methods of working."]

According to a report on Scotland on Sunday, the BBC will reveal plans
to become more involved in the world of computer games during next week's Edinburgh Interactive Festival. The BBC's new media controller, Simon Nelson, is expected to deliver a keynote detailing the corporation's approach to game development and how it hopes to expand upon the limited efforts by its kid-centric CBBC and Blast labels.

Speculation suggests that games could be delivered through the BBC's iPlayer system, an on-demand online video service that enables users to download and view previously aired programs. Disposable casual games loosely tied to BBC television shows seem like the logical outcome here -- certainly more likely than an episodic Dr. Who adventure game (it's Dalek-tible!). If the report is accurate, TARDIS users need only travel forward a week to learn the specifics.

[Via MCV]

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