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TV-show-starring, plushie-appearing, and screenshot-posting Marsh

Eric Caoili

Our favorite English-eating creature, Marsh, promoted its upcoming DS game recently with a week-long series of five-minute TV segments in Japan. Sisters Manami, Kinuyo, and Mikako posed an English problem everyday which Marsh would then try to answer. These interstitials served partly as commercials and partly as educational pieces to help viewers memorize English.

We would sell our souls to have one of those cute Marsh dolls that the sisters are posing with. We could probably make one of our own with a sharpie marker and a bag full of cotton balls, but, as we're sure all of you spoiled kids out there agree, it just wouldn't be the same! Don't look away! You know this to be true.

Developer Dimple Entertainment has posted screenshots for the pet-simulation/English-trainer title which you can see in our gallery below. Eigo wo Taberu Fushigi na Ikimono Marsh (Mysterious English-Eating Animal Marsh) hits stores in Japan this September 27th.


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