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DoStudio MX software authors HD DVDs

Darren Murph

Though Blu-ray aficionados have long since had ways to create their own Blu-ray discs, NetBlender is making sure you HD DVD fans aren't left in the dark. The DoStudio MX software is a "complete HD DVD authoring tool" that features a graphical layout editor, Photoshop integration, keyframe animation / playlist editor, advanced logging, an image list manager, and Corel's PureHD Multiplexer. Currently, users interested in trying it out can download the beta version for the price of the prior release ($99 per month) so long as they "report issues in a timely fashion," but those who lag around will end up forking out $249 per month come September. And yes, the company is already working up a Blu-ray version of this very software, and folks who'd like to join the BD-J limited public beta that will release later this year need only sign up and cross their fingers.

[Thanks, Jason]

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