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Eternal Sonata demo goes Live in U.S.

Justin McElroy

If you weren't quite l33t enough to hook it up back in May, the Eternal Sonata demo has burst forth from its shackles in Japan and has made its way to Xbox Live in Canada and the U.S. If you didn't already play through it with the help of a Japanese friend (wink) expect a really gorgeous RPG with a healthy dose of Chopin and choppin'. Strangely, the demo's information is in Japanese in the Marketplace. Hopefully this will be cleared up soon.

Perhaps this is a good time to mention that we're still completely puzzled by the demo release schedule on Live. As if to illustrate our point, there's also a new Vampire Rain demo today that's "not available in Germany, Korea, Taiwan or the United States." Either someone is using a giant, whimsically-colored dartboard to make these decisions, or way too many resources are being devoted to this stuff. Since it's not rocket science to create a Live account that's supposedly from another region, the only real choice being made is which country is going to be inconvenienced. Why waste everyone's time?

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