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Guildwatch: How casual is casual?

Mike Schramm

Do you consider your guild to be a casual one? If so, how often do you raid? Today in Guildwatch, we've got news of a guild that considers themselves casual, but has downed 3 bosses in Serpentshrine, and raids three nights a week, four hours a raid. Is that casual or hardcore? What is casual raiding, exactly? And have you ever heard of a guild that's working through Black Temple while only raiding once a week? Is that even possible?

Along with all those questions, we've got your weekly dose of guild drama, downed, and recruiting notices, as we do every week on Tuesday (and feel free to send us your own for next week, at Hit the link to check out this week's GW!


  • This guild trash-talking thread from the Medivh forums (mostly about Catalyst) is pretty standard as far as guild back and forth goes, but what makes it really classic is Ruoxe's critique on page 2. That is a man (woman?) who cares about good drama and knows how to get it done. I especially like the tips on how to stretch the drama out beyond its original boundaries-- a good straw man argument not only keeps the flaming going for a few posts, but can sometimes get others involved in the meaningless blather. Good show.
  • Shadow Syndicate of Ravenholdt has disbanded. Our tipster says that the guild's liberal recruiting policies are at fault, and that too many lowbies jumped aboard looking for instance runs and money. Eventually the officers got fed up, and closed the whole thing down. There's a new guild called Servants of a Dark God, and they're recruiting (hopefully a little more exclusively).
  • OMG What team are you on?!?!?!?!?! Plz protect me from the scary Alliance kthx
  • Reforged on Runetotem is a casual guild that's actually done good-- they've rolled through 3/6 bosses in Serpentshrine. Although their definition of "casual" is a little different than mine-- they still raid for four hours three times a week. Spending 12 hours a week raiding isn't casual, is it? What is casual raiding anyway?
  • Obsolete on Whisperwind-A dropped Magtheridon, and in return, he dropped a pink glowy shield. You think a guy that badass would drop something cooler, no?
  • My guild, Gothic Bunnies on Thunderhorn-H, wants you to know that they finally finished off Karazhan completely. Grats!
  • Modus Operandi on Sentinels-A dropped Gruul like a sack of potatoes. Wait, do people really drop sacks of potatoes? I guess they dropped him more like a bad habit. Wait, isn't the thing about a bad habit that you don't really drop it when you're supposed to? Ok, well, they attacked him until his hit points reached zero. How about that?
  • Valhalla on Stormreaver-H finished off Magtheridon, and the video's above-- is it cool to like Fort Minor? Because (except for that Kenji song, in which the lyrics are just horribly written), I think I do.
  • Wicked of Thunderhorn-H, who we reported on last week, wanted to share their website with us. So there it is.
  • Clan Slamdance of Garona-H has cleared out Karazhan, and Gruul is on notice. On notice!
  • Rogues Take Zero Skill (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Arthas-H is recruiting. They were apparently started by the guy who make the World of Roguecraft vids, and they're looking for people for the 25 man raids.
  • Shinsei on Kilrogg is looking for a healing Druid, two Priests (Shadow and Disc), two Shamans (Elemental and Resto), and a raid specced Rogue for finishing up Kara and heading to Mags/SSC/TK
  • Redeemed on Burning Blade-A just downed Void Reaver, and are still looking for a Shadow Priest, a Warlock, and a Warrior or Feral Druid.
  • Dark Friends on Boulderfist-H have made it up to Curator, and are looking to start up a second group in Karazhan. They're also not PG-13, they say, and I assume that doesn't mean they're G.
  • Legendary Heroes on EU Vekilnash is looking for a few good players to join them in Karazhan.
  • lol wut of Dethecus-H has cleared Kara and Gruul, and it doing some limited recruiting. lol wut?
  • Asylum on EU Aerie Peak-A is looking for fun, casual, skilled players that are Hunters, Warlocks, Shaman, Priests and Paladins.
  • Order of the Eclipse on Proudmoore is trying to fill out a fourth (!) Karazhan group, and also working on Mags and SSC. They're an Aussie based guild, and they're LFS (that's looking for Shaman).
  • Lan Party of Uldum-H is looking to recruit for Karazhan: a Mage, Warlock, a Holy Priest and another healer, and a Rogue or a Shadow Priest.
That's it for this week's GW! Don't forget to please, please, please send your drama, downed, and recruiting tips to Why wait? Do it right now! Until next week, happy raiding!

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