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M33 believes Sony will make the "ideal firmware"


Russian hacking team M33 quickly and easily grabbed the attention of the PSP homebrew community for continuing work on custom firmware after Dark_Alex suddenly quit the scene. The team of five have met their fair share of complaints and praise over the past weeks, many complimenting their quick work, but lamenting the numerous patches made to tackle a persistent list of bugs.

Interestingly, in the team's first public interview, they revealed that they believe Sony will ultimately make the "ideal firmware." They believe that consumers just want the ability to do more with their system, and Sony will learn from the homebrew community: "When Sony understands the useless of their attempts to fight against CFW, they WILL release the firmware that will allow to run homebrew."

The battle against homebrew shouldn't be equated with the battle against piracy, they note. "Sony should allow homebrew development, as on PS2 in RTE (Runtime Environment) on which you can program homebrew, but can't run ISO." Certainly, we applaud the hard work of many homebrew developers out there -- if they could be recognized without piracy running rampant, all PSP owners would benefit.
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