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OJ gotta give All-Pro Football 2K8 money to Goldmans


Thanks to's self-made video of OJ Simpson playing on a team called The Assassins in 2K Sport's All-Pro Football 2K8, Reuters linked the two together in the first paragraph of a story on how the relatives of murder victim Ron Goldman won a court order today to seize all money Simpson makes off the game. Simpson was aquitted of Goldman's murder in a trial many moons ago, but lost the wrongful death suit where he was ordered to pay $33.5 million.

For those just catching up, we explained this Assassins connection away weeks ago when the controvery first broke. Simpson can be placed on any team, GameTrailers (either for yucks or accidentally) made a video of Simpson on a team called The Assassins. At the time 2K Sports clearly stated that they had nothing to do with the video and it was not created by their marketing or publicity department. Some people still got all uppity about it. Simpson has been ordered by the court to turn over copies of his Take-Two contract and any related documents.

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