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PAL starter pack in question


Gamasutra reports that there are conflicting signals about how much longer the PS3 Starter Pack will be offered in Europe and PAL territories. The Starter Pack was Sony's answer to Europe for them not receiving the US price drop. Questions revolve around why PAL territories would continue to have a 60GB model when we know that's being phased out and GameSpot Australia reports that their Starter Pack will be done Aug. 31. It also doesn't help that Sony sent emails to Euro PS3 owners who bought their consoles days before the Starter Pack was introduced were told that it was just a "a summer promotion." A SCEE spokesperson said to Gamasutra, "As far as the UK and Europe are concerned there is no time limit on the availability of the Starter Pack".

If SCEE's David Reeve's promise of "fireworks" holds up then maybe there'll be some Sony Europe announcements at Leipzig. The Games Convention is Leipzig could be hiding a bunch of announcements for the European/PAL market. From what's going on with the PS3, to the deal with the no Xbox 360 price drop. Hopefully PAL territories will get some answers in a couple weeks.

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