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Playing Xbox 360 with your Wii remote

Ross Miller

An adventurous and skillful modder has managed to turn a Wii remote into an Xbox 360 controller with middleware help from the PS2 control scheme -- it's as if all the console makers are working in harmony for this one hack. Try humming this to the tune of "Dem Bones" (actually, don't, because we're not even going to try to fit the rhyme scheme):
  • The Xbox 360 is connected to the XFPS PS2 to 360 adapter
  • ... which is connected to a big black box Microcontroller "with custom firmware emulating a PS2 controller"
  • ... which is connected to a Samsung Q1 PC with custom Wii remote firmware
  • ... which is connected via Bluetooth to the Wii remote itself.
Full details of the process can be found here. A video demonstration is embedded after the break that not only shows the control scheme work with Halo 2 but also the thought put into making it a comfortable and viable control scheme (such as anti-acceleration and smoothing algorithms).

[Via Engadget; thanks, Chris]

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