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Red and black DS ships with Brain Age 2 Aug. 21

Justin McElroy

Though retailers sort of spilled these beans already last month, Nintendo has now confirmed that a special two-tone DS bundle will ship with Brain Age 2 for $149.99. Expect to start seeing the package on store shelves on Aug. 21. Though we said in the headline that the new system is "red and black," the real colors ... well, we'll let the press release handle this one, it's too good not to publish. "The top half of the new Nintendo DS sports a smooth, glossy Crimson, reminiscent of a dangerous shade of lipstick or a cherry-red sports car. The bottom is a matte black – an Onyx yin that complements the Crimson yang."

The new DS is, apparently, made of pure sex, and if there's a better game to pack in with it than one that asks you to count change, we don't know what it is.

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