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TiVoToGo v2.5 supports Vista / DivX, release imminent

Darren Murph

Don't look now, but TiVo is apparently gearing up to unleash TiVoToGo version 2.5 to the masses any moment. The firm's webpage has already been updated to show the v2.5 graphic, yet the download link still takes you to the existing build. Nevertheless, TiVoPony has unveiled that the forthcoming update will enable support for Windows Vista as well as DivX / XviD formats for web video conversions, and it will also allow users to "convert individual shows from Desktop's Now Playing list at any time, to any profile, by right-clicking." Unfortunately, that last feature still won't be available for Series3 or TiVo HD devices, but those looking to browse photo slideshows can expect higher resolution support (huzzah?). So twiddle your thumbs a bit and keep checking the read link periodically, it's bound to show up sometime soon.

[Via TiVoBlog]

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