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Today in Joystiq: August 7, 2007

Ross Miller

Hey look, it's Starcraft: Ghost from BlizzCon! (Image Credit) Err, BlizzCon 2005, that is. That was kind of a cruel (if not incredibly stupid) joke we played. While we are mocked 1,000 times over, check out the highlights for today:

BlizzCon: hands-on schooling with Starcraft 2
Joystiq's Kevin Kelly talks delays on G4
Readers pick best Civ IV webcomic: Ctrl+Alt+Del
Today's multi-directional videos: Everyday Shooter & Mutant Storm Empire
Why you should submit videos for the YouTube Republican debate

It's official: Xbox 360 price drop coming this Wednesday
Halo-themed Xbox 360 coming in Sept. for $399, wireless headset for $59.99
South Park 10th season DVDs coming with World of Warcraft trial
Nintendo Wii system update 3 is now live
New update prepares Xbox 360s for wireless guitars
iPhone + NES emulator = zOMG, hello Mario
Red and black DS ships with Brain Age 2 Aug. 21
Eternal Sonata demo goes Live in U.S.
Nintendo has patent on motion sensing portable
Europe gets no Xbox 360 price cut at this time
Governator says California game law will be back
PAL starter pack in question
New air safety rules require console inspection
New iMacs feature DirectX 10-compatible ATI Radeon GPUs
Puzzle Fighter HD gets balancing changes
Will Wright's Spore to be playable at Leipzig
GameStop starts WoW: Wrath of Lich King pre-orders
PaRappa's papa Matsuura produces iPod product, musika
Ample details on slimmer PSP
Rock Band bundles have wireless guitar on PS3 and wired on Xbox
Playing Xbox 360 with your Wii remote
OJ gotta give All-Pro Football 2K8 money to Goldmans

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: XBLA could get Penny Arcade game
Rumor: Target done with Xbox 360 Core model
Pachter: PS2 price drop this year and another for PS3 by GTA IV

Culture & Community
Even at $199, Rock Band: SE for 360 lands on Amazon's bestseller list
Meet Keiji Inafune, Mega Man creator, in NYC today
Persuasive Games' Ian Bogost on Colbert Report tonight
Geometry Wars Galaxies might be giant
Vote on F.E.A.R. sequel finalists (no acronyms this time)
Ben Kingsley explains why he did Bloodrayne

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