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A yellow Pikachu facade for your shamefully non-limited DS


This yellow silicone DS Lite cover beats the "real" Pikachu DS Lite in four ways that we can think of:
  1. It's totally got color art on it
  2. This actually prevents damage, encouraging us to play it more rather than hide it in a safe deposit box
  3. It creates that two-tone look that we apparently love, and
  4. You can get it in a reasonable manner, for $13.
The last one is the real big deal. There was basically no chance of us submitting an application to the Pokemon Center in Japan, getting extremely lucky, and then shelling out for the Lite. This way, we can cover our normal DS Lite in the equivalent of a Pikachu DS Lite Halloween costume. Play-Asia is shipping the Silicon Cover (Pokemon Yellow) for $12.90. Despite the name, we're pretty sure it's made of silicone.

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