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Dragoneer's Aria character designer speaks out

Nick Doerr

HitMaker's character designer, Juno Jeong, sat down for the latest interview with GameSpot who have had an ongoing set of reactions from the staff of the upcoming game Dragoneer's Aria. Being from Korea, Jeong talks about the difficulty in becoming a console game developer and how this is game has become such an honor for him to work on (which we can also assume means he's put a lot of work into these characters). It has been three years since he's gotten to work as an illustrator, after all.

Jeong is very interested in classic RPG's like Dragoneer's Aria. He said that "the scenario and game system are loyal to the basics, but they bring out the depth of the game itself. I think that's the biggest anticipation I have for the game." He didn't get to work directly alongside the rest of the development team, so he does wish he had that experience to fall back on, but he seems excited enough about the game to merit our interest as well! GameSpot will have an updated interview, featuring HitMaker's director, in the coming days.

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