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Former EA exec joins Microsoft as VP of Live

Like Superman and Batman trading capes, or Aquaman borrowing Wonder Woman's uh ... invisible plane, EA and Microsoft have been awfully chummy lately. First, Xbox exec Peter Moore leaves Microsoft to be closer to his family in San Francisco ... and take a lucrative position at EA Sports. Of course, he was replaced with former EA exec Don Mattrick, ensuring the carefully balanced game of corporate Jenga wouldn't come crashing down.

Today, Microsoft announced that EA executive vice president John Schappert has joined the company in the newly created position of "corporate vice president of LIVE, software and services." The one-time founder of Madden-dev Tiburon will oversee Xbox Live as well as Games for Windows Live, XNA and Microsoft Casual Games, which includes Xbox Live Arcade. He'll be reporting directly to his old EA compatriot – you guessed it – Don Mattrick. We imagine their meetings will involve reminiscing about that time they did that thing at that one group team building exercise in '99 and various ways they could spell Microsoft with a consecutive 'e' and an 'a.' Good times, good times.

Now, to complete the circle, Xbox will need to sacrifice one of their own to EA! Let the ritual commence ...

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