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iGTD released with new Quick Add features, multiple Dock badges, more

David Chartier

Yep, it's that time again boys and girls: Bartlomiej Bargiel has updated iGTD with yet another unassuming point release that heralds some great new features. While you can simply run the Check for Updates command from the application menu to see the big list o' changes, here are some of the highlights for those still on the fence or stuck at work reading this on a machine other than their own. iGTD brings:
  • Opening the Quick Add window to easily edit tasks you've added from other apps
  • Multiple badges in the Dock icon for Inbox, due today and flagged item statuses
  • Flag and task mode (pending/waiting for/maybe) buttons in the Quick Add window, with keyboard shortcuts
  • F-key trick adds Vienna RSS support to its growing list of compatible apps for creating tasks
  • Ability to completely disable iCal synching so users don't accidentally toggle it
Of course, there are a ton of other new options and tweaks, as well as a healthy dose of bug fixes. This version of iGTD amazingly still remains free, while those details on the iGTD Pro are all we know about the upcoming commercial branches of this arguable king of GTD apps.

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