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TimeShift changes history Oct. 30 on PC, Xbox 360


After a very, very, very long wait, TimeShift is finally ready to phase into our time line Oct. 30 on PC and Xbox 360 -- PlayStation 3 owners will sadly have to wait until "December." Sierra says it's kicking off the pre-orders this week and customers will receive a code for an "exclusive playable character" for the multiplayer game at select retailers.

TimeShift reappeared again earlier this year following its umpteenth delay last fall. This time around it finally felt like the game might come out and we did have a good experience with the title at E3 this year. We're just hoping TimeShift uses its abilities to bring a fresh experience to the whole time-bending shooter formula we've gotten used to with games like F.E.A.R. and Max Payne. We've waited long enough.

[Via Press Release]

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