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WeaKnees now offering upgraded TiVo HD units

Darren Murph

While cramming a larger hard drive into a vanilla Series 3 unit is all fine and dandy, WeaKnees is getting with the program and offering up upgraded TiVo HD boxes to those who just can't ever find enough space. Reportedly, the firm will be selling modified TiVo HD boxes "with up to 144 hours of HD capacity," and these beefed up iterations promise to record programming from traditional broadcast antennas, digital and analog cable, as well as the HD over-the-air broadcasts exactly like the factory-equipped counterparts. More specifically, interested customers have the option of getting 32, 43, 70, 107,or 144 hours of HD capacity depending on their budget, so be sure and hit the read link if you're ready to take the plunge.

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